Why Are Straight Men Invading Gay Bars?

Straight guys hitting up gay bars and nightclubs … What is going on? Is this the next stage of evolution for the new breed of metrosexual? Have the walls of discrimination between the straight and gay community officially been torn down (finally) or is something more sinister in the bar and nightclub community going on?

Believe it or not, more and more gay bars are reporting an influx of straight patrons choosing to spend the evening party among the gay community. This has been met with mixed reactions with many bar and nightclub owners and managers happy with the paradigm shift in clubbing, contrary to the view of many gay patrons annoyed at the fact that that the "is he or is not he question" is now Coming up in the one place it used to be taken for granted.

The most obvious argument to letting this continue is "well if gay homosexual people can go to straight bars, why can not straight people go to gay bars and nightclubs." This argument may ring true for many people, however given the amount of discrimination centred on the gay community, it would seem fair that their is at least one place they can go to escape the "outside [straight] world."

Whatever the case may be, it still does not explain why this sudden influx of straight men choosing to spend their evenings at gay bars and nightclubs. So to find out whats going on, we decided to go undercover to some gay bars and nightclubs and speak to the patrons to find out what's going on. After a lengthy investigation, the reason behind this invasion became appearance … "THEY ARE THEY" RE TO PICK UP "(But it is not what you think.)

Gay bars are a haven for women looking to have a great night without being approached every 5 minutes by a sleazy drunk wannabe suitor with the same pickup line they've been using since the age of 15. Accordingly, these women are a prime target for The well dressed, sophisticated straight man looking to impress with his flashy clothes and arrogant liberal attitude towards life (which it would seem would have been shared by any woman spending her evening at a gay bar.)

Whereas previously a straight man at a gay bar or nightclub would have been taboo, times are changing and as a result of people's view towards the gay community becoming more accepting, so too is becoming more accepting for straight guys to attend these venues.

This trend is also being facilitated by the fact that as society becomes more accepting, the requirement for gay people to hide their sexual orientation no longer exists, because it is becoming far more commonplace for groups of gay men to head out clubbing with their straight friends .

The result maybe detrimental to the gay bar and nightclub community however it would appear to be a bi-product of society becoming more accepting of the gay community.

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Nastasia Campanella

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