Why Do I Have Such Wide Hips?

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Why do I have such wide hips?

You should be glad. Those were once called childbearing hips and considered very attractive.

Only in an era when a woman was expected to pop out eight kids.

It also meant she was less likely to die in childbirth. It’s all genetics.

Do you think I inherited this?

Well, we haven’t yet had hip implants to make them look bigger the way you can get cheek implants or a tummy tuck.

I hate this.

Women used to wear dresses with bustles to make their butts look bigger and side padding to make their hips look bigger.

I look fat.

So wear clothing that flatters your curves. With wide hips, you can easily get that 0.7 hip to waist ratio that guys love.

Guys like skinny girls.

No, that’s the gay fashion designers who put women so starved they look like little boys on the covers. Guys are genetically programmed to appreciate women with a waist 70% of the width of their hips.

So I could have a fat waist and still look good, given how wide my hips are.

Wear tops that are tight fitting to flatter your curves, instead of long with dresses and tops that make your top look as wide as your middle.

What can I do about these wide hips? I hate it.

Does your body accumulate fat like an apple or a pear?

Apples and pears are low fat fruit.

Women with a pear shape store fat on the butt and hips. Women with an apple shape store most of it around the abdomen.

I’m not sure. Maybe pear shaped.

If you are pear shaped, work on losing body fat. That’ll narrow down your hips.

And how did I end up with fat around the rear and sides?

Same reason as the bond structure: genetics.

So it all really is my parents’ fault.

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