Why Is the Truth Offensive to Some People?

Call me guilty of saying exactly how things are, which is not the best way of dealing with the sensitivities of others, but I believe in telling the truth. Doing the opposite defeats the purpose of unknowing the cause of our woes and the reason the world is in such dire straits. Lies and pretence are propping up a very sick World Order and we are all the victims of them. So why do we need to tread the well-worn path of deception?

Those who are most in trouble need help but where are they turning for it? Watching communities being blown away by hurricanes or buildings crashing down killing many is heart-breaking. Watching the pain of people because of their affiliation to false gods and religions hits me like torture, and there is a good reason for it.

So what am I talking about? One could say it's about reality. It's about letting go of the false promises and turning away from manmade gods and religions and looking at the big picture. But who can hear these words or understand them? Who is in charge and why are we in the end times?

When one peers into the night sky with its billions of stars and planets can we not see a Great Creative Spirit out there? It goes on forever and so does the real God. It is not a man or a woman, and we can not make an image of that which can not be seen. We can, however, feel and hear it when we call out with all our hearts and listen to the voice within.

With memory of my reincarnation and knowledge that the Spirit has allowed man to do his worst the evidence is everywhere. It showed me how religions started from sun-worship and that heaven and hell are myths born of dreams. It allowed me to read the past like a book and to unravel how and why we have been tested.

The prophecies in the Old Testament tell the truth. Although the bible is a grossly polluted and corrupted document there are parts in it that have remained as they were originally told.

In them we learn that at this time God will take revenge on the those who worship the false gods. It promised to destroy the religions and to reveal the identity of 666. He is Constantine, the one who established the Catholic Church in 325 AD and used lies and the Islamic religion of Babylon as its format.

The New Testament was written by Jerome, who came after him. He was appointed by the Vatican, built by the emperor, to create a text that would unite the fledgling church. Through lies, forgeries, and massive cover-up the sun continues to be the main god over the world. Its name in Babylon is Mary and Constantine reinstated it as the Mother of God.

It's too late for anyone now to suddenly wake up to how the religions have deceived and are now the cause of what is coming up the world. We are in the end times and only those who have an ear for the truth and who can hear God speak to them will survive.

Why, then, should apologies be required for speaking it as it is? Why should anyone take offense, except that they are believers in evil and supporters of religious make-believe and hate? If this is offensive to some then know how the real God is suffering.

That is the pain I feel and the torture does not go away with the visions of current events. Little children drying of hunger, disease, or buried in rubble is part of the revenge. God said it all and who has the intelligence to listen.

"A noise shall come to the ends of the earth; for God has a disagreement with the nations, (God) will plead with all flesh and give them that which are wicked to the sword. one end of the earth unto the other … they shall not be lamented, neither gathered nor buried; they shall be dung upon the ground " Jeremiah 25: 31,33

Can anyone argue with that? It is happening now and all because most are too stupid to accept reality. The countries suffering the most right now are those where deep religious convictions dominate and worship of the false gods prevails.

Do not be offended but listen up and wake up. Time is running out to turn to the Spirit and beg forgiveness. Call out and the real God may still hear you. It is not a man but something alive within the spiritual people and if you are one of them then take heed.

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Norma Holt

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