Why Women Will Never Date "The Nice Guy" – What You Can Do To Avoid Falling Into That Category!

Let's jump right into it.

Women, can be complicated at times. You see a beautiful girl who is having relationship trouble, and it's obvious that she is saddened by what her boyfriend is doing to her, whether physically or emotionally. You know he is "the jerk" and you wonder why she is with him! Can not she see that a kind, gentlemen is right in front of her eyes !? Unfortunately, that is not how women are hard wired. Let's me explain:

Emotionally Driven

Women are emotionally driven and will act on the emotions that she experiences with a person. Have you ever wondered why a woman will stay in a crazy relationship, and sticks with the same guy for months even though he does not treat her right? It's because he stimulates her emotionally! Women act based on emotion! So you can still be a nice guy, as long as you can create a lot of different emotions within her mind. You can do this easily by focusing on doing two things. Always, and I mean ALWAYS aim at having fun! Regardless of how the date is going and regardless if you think she's feeling you or not always have fun! If you focus on that you will not become "arrival dependent" and that's exactly the mindset you want when you are trying to get rid of the "nice guy" mindset. It's important, because not only with this show women that you are not intimidated by them, and that your a real man, but that you are not like every other guys because you are not trying to "impress them."

Display Strong Confidence

The next important step would definitely have to be, to display confidence in everything you do. When you walk in the club / bookstore / coffee shop etc. with confidence running through your veins. Make sure that your mindset is "I can get any woman I desire" and that you are the king of the world (or at least your city.) Act as if you are 1 of the most respected men in the world and that you take no less than your standards. It's important to display confidence because that's what women love the MOST. It's also important for you not to "act cocky" because that is a turn-off for women as well. You are going to want to find a balance, and use that to your advantage. Combine these two actions together, and you will have much more success with attraction beautiful women.

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