Will Hillary And Her Supporters Continue To Blame The Russians For The Loss

The United States and our CIA often intervene in foreign elections to try to get the voters to vote one way or the other. Our President has tried to influence the elections in many countries with speeches – remember the Brexit Vote? Some world leaders are very upset in hindsight when they win – look at the President of Philippines for instance. Now then, none of this is new, we've been doing it all over the planet for decades, and we probably will continue to do so, even as we claim to be for democracy, aka: power to the people.

Would it surprise anyone if Russia were interfering in our elections? Heck no, they've done it before – all during the cold war, and the 1960s movement much of which was started by Russian Spies. Today we have Russian Spies in our country and our CIA spies in the heads – of course. Plausible Deniability aside, that's the reality. So what? Well, it does matter because it skews the results of self-governance – it's not right no matter who is doing it, or why? Even if we try to get Muslim Nations to see our will and allow more rights for women – still, it's not our right to intervene as much as we believe we should for human rights. Yes, that's a hard thing to swallow I know, but we can not have it both ways if we too desire to chart our own destiny without foreign influence.

Why is Hillary Clinton suspicious of Russia? Well, they believe and rightfully so that we engaged in helping protests in Russia trying to defeat the Russian Elections where Putin was re-installed as their leader. Obviously, this would piss him off – "paybacks are a bitch" remember? Also WikiLeaks Assangeought refuge in Russia while trying to evade our "hit-team" and CIA.

Now then, the Clinton Campaign said; "17 intelligencies agencies emphatically state that Russia is behind the email hacks and leaks, to interfere in our election to support Trump!" In fact, Hillary was screaming this from the microphone in Florida rallies. The Trump Campaign noted that; "Had she protected her emails without an unauthorized and practically unencrypted server in her home, none of her questionable dealings would ever have been leaked. Had she not run the State Department in a pay-for-play fashion, she would not have to Worry about the on-going investigation into the Clinton Foundation. "

Also, with regards to the DNC – had they not worked to undersine the election, cheat on the primary, poison the mainstream media, no one would be having this conversation. Should we really allow the; "It Was The Russians" excuse from Hillary Clinton? No, no we should not. The Democrats picked an unlicable candidate, and a corrupt one (Cite: the three on-going investigations, 5-books I've read on the Clintons, and email evidence). It was not the Russians my friend.

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Lance Winslow

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