Women's Fashion: A Splash of Color

Color coordinating your wardrobe can be daunting for some people however it doesn't have to be. Learning what colors go together is rather easy and can be fun. You can be daring with your colors or you can be conservative it's all about taste. The one thing you do not want to do is put together an outfit that has too many colors.

Obviously, black and white goes with every other color on the color chart so you should always have something black and white in your wardrobe. The same colors but different hues go together as well such as different shades of blue or green. However, when it comes to wearing the same color of different shades you can do much better than that.

Get colorful and creative. Most retail stores have color charts that they pass out as to which color goes best with another. Look at magazine photographs and go online and look at the fashion websites as to what the models are wearing. If you have a skirt that has multiple colors in it you want to pair it with a solid color top and then accessorize with a beaded necklace that matches another color in your skirt.

Another important fact you have to consider in choosing colors and being color coordinated is your skin tone. Are you a winter, summer, spring or fall? The basic rule is if you are blonde you are a spring or summer; brunette you are a winter or fall; red head you are a fall. It is important to match your wardrobe colors to your skin color.

If you are a red head and have fair skin, you do not want to wear yellows or oranges. See where I am heading here? Although you want to have color in your wardrobe you do not want to look like a clown.

Subtle colors and a bright necklace to match as well as bright colors and subtle necklace make a smart combination. If your clothes are not popping make them pop with your accessories. A multi colored skirt with a lot of purple would look great with a different colored purple blouse and a jacket of black or cream color. You do not necessarily want to dress all in the same color and end up looking like a giant plumb with legs.

Take your friends along while shopping; ask the sales person who is working that area. Try on the clothes and see what works. It is perfectly fine to find your own colors but if you are not sure what color goes with another make sure you always ask as sometimes what we see is not what others see.

Styles, as you know, change from year to year as does the colors. Always try to match at least one or two colors in a multiple colored piece of clothing so you can mix and match. Make sure you have a black, cream or white jacket as these colors go with anything. Don't forget your shoes as your shoes are what tie your outfit all together. Black, brown and blue as well as cream shoes are a must have in any closet.

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Keith Auerbach

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