Women's Harley Davidson Boots – Perfect Balance of Style and Security

Have you heard of the glass ceiling? It's an invisible but inviolable roadblock that impeds a women's liberty and restricts her from venturing into strictly male domains. It is for our own good, they tell us. But do we need that being told to us?

Probably not! And certainly not in this era of widespread economic empowerment. Women are now breaking into all sorts of fields and managing it with the same panache she displayed in tackling her home. So why should motorcycle riding be left undone?

Quintessentially a macho sport, it was only recently that the fairer sex got her hands on it. But hey, hold on! Are not we the symbols of élan and grace? If we have agreed to bike racing, we sure are going to make our own style statements with it. What say girls? And the best way of accomplishing that is by donning a pair of svelte women's Harley Davidson boots. Just adhere by some rules and get ready to scorch the road.

o Your pair of women's Harley Davidson boots should cover your ankles. And better still if it has an upper shell protection that is completed in the front heel, back, ankle and toes. Look out for models that allow you customized fitting. This feature not only guards your ankles but it also toughens up your foot making it a lot more tenant.

o A good foot design with a shifter pad provides excellent traction on ankle and heel. A sole with a slight heel allows you to perch your foot on the foot peg with a lot less effort. This combination of features in a pair of women's Harley Davidson boots also gives extra friction in mud, water, sand or oil that allows the wearer extra stability.

o Check out the material of which the shoes are made out of. Your pair of Women's Harley Davidson boots should be seamed from 100% quality leather, which should coat your feet in generous warmness, even when it's freezing outside. The sole should have an additional cover of carbon Kevlar and rubber that should ensure extra ruggedness. Most of all, the material should breathe.

o If you opt for fancy designs like the Velcro straps and shoelaces that these boots come with, are properly fastened before you are astride the giant vehicle. Otherwise if there are some loose shoestrings hanging here and there, it might easily get tangled in the shift lever.

o Water resistance is another critical feature that identifies a pair of Women's Harley Davidson boots. Imagine you are riding through a massive downpour. Adrenaline pumping, huh? But then as you are rounding up, you realize your feet are drenched in muddy water. Quite a turn off, is not it? Also there is a lot of foreign debris that may harm your feet.

Make sure your pair allows enough security along with a lot of spunk. Sprinkle a bit of your own style sensibilities to it and see what an incredible combination it becomes.

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Penelope Morgan

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