WRAP Catholic families rally in defence of the family

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1. Wide Plaza de Colon, pan right to crowds gathered early in the morning for family day rally
3. Mid shot people walking towards square
4. Mid shot people from Seville carrying huge banner saying “Christian family – hope for man”
5. Wide shot stage, big Christian crucifix on the stage
6. SOUNDBITE (Spanish) Vox pop, elderly woman
“The faith and the family that I have are so beautiful, so precious – they are a blessing from God. They make me very happy.”
8. Musical group singing popular song and playing instruments
9. SOUNDBITE (Spanish) Vox pop, man
“The family are in great danger. Here the Socialist party released a video saying they have done lots of things for the family, but it’s just not true.”
10. Mid people gathered
11. SOUNDBITE: (Spanish) Vox pop, woman
“We are here braving the cold and having hardly got any sleep last night, so that we can demonstrate here to say that the family is at risk, in the face of attack from a whole series of things, such as abortion, that we do not agree with.”
12. Close up silver crucifix held by crowd
13. Wide of platform
14. Close up of flags
15. Mid of cross in the crowd
16. Wide of crowd and platform
17. SOUNDBITE (Spanish) Cardinal Agustin Garcia-Gasco, Archbishop of Valencia: (Wide shot of podium and big screen)
“The culture of radical laicism is a fraud, it is a deceit, it builds nothing. It only drives to despair by way of abortion, divorce express and ideologies that try to manipulate the education of the young.”
18. Mid of crucifix and flags
19. SOUNDBITE: (Spanish) Benigno Blanco, President of Spanish Family Forum:
“Never leave the head and heart of your children in the hands of others and even less so in the hands of the state.”
20. Wide of crowds cheering
21. Wide pan of crowds to Pope Benedict XVI on big screen
22. SOUNDBITE (Spanish) Pope Benedict XVI, Head of the Catholic Church: (speaking on big screen)
“I salute the participants of the meeting of the families in Madrid. I welcome the cardinals, bishops and priests taking part at this moment.”
23. Mid of bishops clapping
24. Mid of Benedict XVI on big screen
25. Mid of crowds chanting “Benedict”
26. Wide pan of crowd to stage and Pope speaking on big screen


Thousands of Catholic families gathered in the centre of Madrid on Sunday to celebrate a Christian mass for the family and to protest against policies they say threaten the institution of the traditional family.

The faithful gathered from early on a cold winter’s morning in the central Plaza de Colon (Columbus Square) to rally in support of the Christian family, which many Catholics feel is under threat from such things as abortion and homosexual marriages.

There were delegations from Catholic communities all over Spain, who had travelled to the capital on hundreds of buses to attend the rally.

The crowd roared when Pope Benedict XVI appeared on giant television screens in a live broadcast from St. Peter’s Square, praising them for holding the event.

He urged parents to bring up their children in the respect of the moral values that give dignity to human life.

It was Benedict’s latest appeal for the traditional family, a central theme of his papacy.

The Vatican has campaigned against proposals to legalise gay marriage and has denounced the Spanish government of Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero for passing a law to that effect.

“The family are in great danger. Here the Socialist party released a video saying they have done lots of things for the family, but it’s just not true,” one man in the crowd told AP Television.

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