Xbox 360 Vinyl Decals – How to Customize Your Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 is a great system to own. You can play games, stream video, watch DVDs, and listen to music all in one box. So yes it is a great piece of technology but many individuals that have one find the plain white and chrome design boring. I mean who wants their console to look exactly like everyone else? Well there is a solution to that problem – Xbox 360 vinyl decals.

What are Vinyl Decals?

Vinyl decals, or skins, are custom cut pieces of vinyl designed to fit your case and faceplate. You can also get decals for your controllers. Vinyl decals are quite flexible and have a sticky back so you can apply them straight to the case. You do not even have to take the case apart and void your warranty!

Decals are highly customizable – you can have almost any image you want on them. You can use use your favorite video game character, favorite game, celebrity, your girl / boy friend, or a picture you made yourself. The options are endless.

Types of Vinyl Decals

The main two types of vinyl decals for the Xbox 360 are calendered and cast. Both are good but there are a few drawbacks to each type of decal.

Most calendered vinyl is not quite as flexible as cast. It is also very shiny or glossy. It can warp and shrink occasion, especially if it is exposed to high temperatures often. The warping and shrinking can lead to peeling and maybe even lead to the whole skin coming off.

Now cast vinyl on the other hand, is much more flexible and has about the same amount of gloss. You could compare the gloss of this type of vinyl to the paint used on cars. Cast vinyl also will not shrink, peel or warp as much as calendered. The major disadvantage is how much more it will cost you.

If you have any doubts about applying a decal to your Xbox 360 because you think it might damage your console, you should not. You can remove them at any time and they are plenty safe for your system. The case does not even need to come off so you get to save your warranty too. If you're an Xbox 360 owner and you do not have a skin or decal kit for your console yet go out and get one. You can find them at many local gaming stores, department store, and online. There are thousands of designs out there for you to try. What are you waiting for?

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