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This is a trailer for a 2012 workshop production of “You Are Confused!” starring Eduardo Leanez, written by Eduardo Leanez & Patrick E. Horrigan, and directed by Rosalie Purvis. “You Are Confused!” is a one-man show about Joel, a playful, imaginative gay Venezuelan boy with a passion for boy bands, soap operas, fashion shows, action heroes, and Olympic athletes. But his greatest role model, and his toughest critic, is his mother. Fiercely devoted to her son, she is also blind to his gifts and his burgeoning sexuality. “You Are Confused!” takes you on a fast-moving trip through Joel’s childhood in Caracas to his young-adulthood in New York as he battles the bullies within, the bullies at home, and the bullies out there in the world. Eduardo Leanez brilliantly embodies Joel, his mother, all of his heroes, and much more in this funny, heart-breaking one-man show about the role models we’re given, and the ones we choose, to help us become the person we were born to be.

“You Are Confused!” set designed by Yanko Bakulic, lights designed by Joe Cantalupo, sound designed by Vladimir Malyuchkov, production assistance by Samuel Ocasio-Mendoza, photography by Joe Bly, and video editing by Eduardo Leanez & Patrick E. Horrigan.

For more information about the show and possible future productions, contact Eduardo Leanez & Patrick E. Horrigan at

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