Your Spiritual Mind Clearing Negativity

Everything around us and within us carries energy, your furniture, your clothes, your car, your job, and your brain. Our energies can be read and carried telepathically. The energy of your thoughts and your mind travel on different wavelengths and frequencies, attracting like properties. The thoughts we have directly affect the energies we attract. You will attract more of whatever you think, this is the law.

Focusing on positive thoughts, naturally you will attract positive things in your life. And so it is for negative thoughts and energies. Negative thoughts attract negative energies.

For us to remain in a positive state we have to be consciously aware of what we are taking in, keeping free from anything negative to maintain a positive mental attitude. We are like magnets, our mind and our thoughts are like magnets, your job, the people you associate with, the places you go and the circumstances in your life are all attracting like energies and on the same frequency and the same wavelengths.

Not only do we need to be aware of the negativity we attract in our conscious mind, we also have to be aware of the energies currently in our subconscious mind and what we are attracting subconsciously. The negative patterns that are held in our subconscious can be let go through our conscious by bringing the awareness forward and healing your mind. This can be done with daily meditation and through your dreams.

“It is the Creative Intelligence in Nature that is constantly re-creating us each and every night in our dreams while we sleep”. Having studied dreams for the past several years I found that reciting every night to bring my subconscious to conscious helped hidden memories, past hurt and negative energies surface. You will be actually communicating on a different level. Visions can become realities, dreams begin giving you warning signs and signals, past hidden memories surface and you will feel a release. Your intuition will improve drastically. You will be in touch with your subconscious, it is an amazing transformation.

I believe clearing of one’s energy can also be done with dreams and in different levels of dream states.

There are key rules for establishing a spiritual mind should be part of your morning and evening rituals. Taking time each day to program your thoughts, consciously and subconsciously, program your goals into your day, visualize your dreams and cancel any negativity coming through you, must be part of your rituals and daily mediation.

One must remain in a positive state being, open to receiving messages from your higher self. Focusing on your spiritual mind will bring you closer to your true spiritual self and achieving your life’s purpose.

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Rowena Mills

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