Youth in Our Eyes

Good evening, my dear fellow writers.

Everyday, youths all over the world are pondering over one thing: why are not we understood? What's wrong in those big heads that adults carry around all high and mighty? They MUST have a screw or two loose in their brains for them to be that stupid.

And, what's funny, is that it's also vice versa: adults think the exact same thing about us. Why will not the other behave?

Well, that's simple. From my own experience, I'm not really able to understand any of the other age groups. I just do not show it so much like some of the rebellious teens. I think that the way adults think is way too strict and joyless when on the other hand I'm totally fed up with little kids (10 to 15) who act like real pampered babies who are used to having all the things they could possibly desire . And that's again because I do not understand brainless adults for giving them all of that. Ugh. What's wrong with us for being so stupid?

I myself believe, that the reason for our scarce understanding of others is because we forget how we felt back then. We can not put ourselves in others 'places and can not really emphasize with each other' cause we lack knowledge of the other age group's feelings and ways of thinking.

And on the other side, young people do not urdestand older human beings' cause of their lack of experience that older people have stored over the long life they have lived. They have seen many things we youths could not even imagine in even our wildest of dreams and that we have always thought of as a joke. Most of the youngsters even know that they are being inconceivable and childish, but because of their stupid little prides (yes, dear adults, young kids also have that thing called "pride" in their hearts) they can not give in and admit them were actually wrong and that they should apologize. It's kind of cute sometimes, I have to affirm, when they cling on to their pride so tightly and are being completely unreasonable and are blushing all the way to their ears not giving up.

All in all, both sides should loosen up a little and try to be WAY more understanding (although I'm sure that many others have stated the same thing and they have all been in vain. Well, at least I tried).

And right now, I'm not being understood, just because I stay in my room reading and writing and not being all rebellious and yelling at my parents for every littlest thing. If that's the case, then how in the world should I act !?

Yours sincerely,

Arthur Twist

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Arthur Twist

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